How this little amber bottle can assist your anxiety and stress?


The research is super robust when it comes to using essential oils for stress reduction. Not only can they assist in decreasing blood pressure (which is a side effect of stress), they can also decrease serum cortisol levels.

Sense of smell is the fastest pathway to the limbic system. The Limbic system is the oldest part of your brain, that rules your emotions. When you inhale an essential oil, cells in the nose receive the aroma, and send signals to the limbic system. This is why smelling certain oils can help control your mood and emotions.

 Whilst doTERRA essential oils can be used topically, and some internally, simply inhaling essential oils is the most powerful and easy way to relieve anxiety.

So what oils are the best oil for stress + anxiety?

FRANKINCENSE – The oil of spirituality. Frankincense is the king of oils, known for its tranquil and grounding energy. Its assists in quieting the mind and finding inner peace. Great to use before yoga or meditation.

LAVENDER – The oil of communication. One of the most popular oils, and for good reason. Lavender is known for its soothing, relaxing properties. It can assist in restoring the nervous system and help with restlessness, panic attacks and general nervous feelings.

YLANG YLANG – The oil of the inner child. A popular oil used to help with anxiety and depression. It’s been known to help calm heart agitation and nervous palpitations. It also acts as a sedative, to assist with insomnia.

VETIVER –  The oil of grounding. This earthy oil has a reassuring energy assisting with calmness and anxiety. It can help decrease jitteriness and hypersensitivity and is also a phenomenal natural sedative.

How to use oils for stress + anxiety?

1. Diffusing

 Start your day off with an uplifting diffuser blend. This can really help manage your mood. I like to mix a citrus with a calming oil in the diffuser to create and uplifting, yet grounding blend for daytime. doTERRA Wild orange and doTERRA Lavender is a great combo.

2. Aromatic dressing.

After showering, add a few drops of essential oils to your body oil or moisturiser. Apply all over your body for topical benefits. doTERRA Frankincense and Citrus Bliss is my fav body combo!

 3. Secret weapon.

 Have a calming roller ball blend on you, at all times. This makes for an easy application on pulse points and easy inhalation. My favourite grounding blend to apply during the day is doTERRA Balance.

4. Self care

 Taking a bath with some epsom salts and oils can be promote instant relaxation. TIP – add approx 5 drop of oil to half a cup of milk before adding to the bath. The fat in the milk will help the oils disperse evenly throughout the bath, and prevent them from just floating on the surface.

 5. Unwinding

If you have kids, witching hour can be really stressful. Especially getting them through to bedtime. Diffusing just calming oils will help the transition to sleep a whole lot easier. My favourite night time blend for a deep, deep sleep is Lavender, Vetiver and Frankincense.

 What are your favourite way to use your essential oils?


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