If your anything like me, you crave that summer sun! Planning my next coastal getaway is the only thing keeping me sane during winter. 

However, as epic as though long summer days are, we often forget about the damage it's causing our poor hair! Salt water, sun-rays and chlorine are just a few of the things that can really affect the moisture levels in our hair. Promoting frizz, dryness, split ends and even (god forbid) green hair. 

Below I have shared my tops tips for keeping those luscious strands in tip top health. 

But first, let me introduce you to the newest member of my bathroom cabinet.....

Sansceuticals haircare. 

All Sans [ceuticals] ingredients are pure and sustainable, with no harmful additives. In French, sans means without, and (with this range) you can be assured thats what you get. A collection made without the nasties. Instead made fresh in small batches, the collection is 100 percent naturally derived. A range + 100% biodegradable ingredients + 100% recyclable packaging + Vegetable ink for all print materials + Renewable resources.

I am totally obsessed with this range, but without further ado, here are my top tips for healthy summer hair. 


1. do a protein + moisture treatment after a long day in the sun. 

Protein treatments repair the hair by replenishing its building block/ protein structure, leaving you with stronger, healthier hair. 

2. avoid heat when possible

The sun is already putting so much heat on your hair, so try an avoid additional heat as much as you can. Ease up on the straightening iron and opt for the cool setting on your hairdryer. 


3. beach Prep

Before you immerse yourself in that refreshing salt water... run a dime size amount of conditioner through your hair. This will coat the hair strands and prevent salt water damage. 


4. Use a tangle teezer brush. 

These are brushes with flexible bristles that are spaced widely apart, on a soft rubber base. The memory-Flex bristles are long and spaced widely apart on a soft rubber base. This allows the bristles to bend and flex through your hair, so they are less likely to snag and break strands. 

5. Braid thy hair. 

Braiding your hair whilst swimming will totally prevent knotting and frizz. Plus its like having your hair crimped once you take it out. Totally 80's I know. 



6. opt for hair coils over hair ties. 

Many hair ties can cause dents and breakage to hair along with kinks and even headaches! Opt for snag free hair coils instead. 

7. Apply a night treatment 

Sleeping in a leave in conditioner is a great way to nourish those strands. Simply wrap a small towel your hair whilst you sleep. The wellah, wake up with tamed frizz and hydrated hair.




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