Every wondered if face mists actually do anything, other than look super refreshing? 

Face mists are a super versatile beauty product. Typically used to fill in the gap between cleansing, that is just one of the many ways you can incorporate them into your regime. Regardless of your skin type, using a natural face mist can help restore the PH balance of your skin and brighten your complexion.  Face mists saturate the skin to ensure your products are better absorbed and delivered deep into the skin! 

So what face mists am i currently loving? 


Wild rose botanical mist  - "BRIGHTEN AND PLUMP"

Keeping your skin hydrated is imperative for all skin types and one of the most important steps for preserving youth. Wild crafted organics have really nailed this bottle of goodness - An infusion of certified organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol, Wild Moroccan Rose and a bio-active complex of three Australian Plums – Kakadu, Bursekin and Illawarra plum. Along with Hyaluronic acid, these ingredients are shown to scientifically increase hydration and collagen production in the skin, making it a vitamin packed elixr of goodness.



The Seeke Enzymatic spray - "EXFOLIATE AND REPAIR"

Co-Q10 is an enzyme produced naturally in our bodies that naturally declines as we age. It assists in neutralising free radicals and keeping the skin cells healthy. This moisturising and exfoliating face mist contains kakadu plum, sea buckthorn, COQ10, green tea and pineapple extract. A combination of enzymes and antioxidants that regenerate skin cells and defends against free radical damage.  


Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Mist-"HYDRATE AND CALM"  

A divine hydrating face mist that reminds us to take a few mindful moments through the day. Crafted from organic Damascan Rose petals. Extracts of Kakadu Plum and Olive Leaf soothe and protect while oils of Rose and Australian Sandalwood replenish your skin and pure Rosewater calms and hydrates. Infused with Rose Quartz on a Full Moon and Blessed with Reiki. Simply mist, pause and take 3 deep belly breaths.


Edible beauty citrus Mist - "TONE AND REFRESh"


Using a toner after cleansing is a great way to optimise absorption of your other products. This revitalising mist does just that. Crafted with a blend of antioxidant rich fruits and herbs. This product doubles as a toner and a mist. Fig and Bilberry provide a boost of hydration, revitalising tired skin, whilst May Chang removes excess oil from the skin. Immerse yourself in this beautiful bottle of goodness anytime of the day!


- WRITTEN BY MONIQUE PETERS - also shared on Depths of Beauty website as guest article- 

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