It may be no surprise when I say i'm pretty obsessed with Organic Beauty Brands. La Mav is a brand in particular, that I've loved from the beginning of my natural beauty transition. 

La Mav Organic Skin Science came into being after years of research, focusing on beautifully blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science. La Mav is affordable and high performing. All of their products are certified organic and contain potent bio-actives to enhance, repair and rejuvenate the skin!

Their formulations are gorgeous and they are so affordably priced. In saying that, La Mav don't compromise on quality. Their products may be affordable, but they deliver results! Making them a fav go to brand recommendation, for anyone doing the natural beauty overhaul all at once ;)  

Not sure where to start? Below are my top fav everyday products. 

step 1. Cleanse 

• Helps balance sebaceous activity without depleting skin of its natural oils
• Formulated with fermented Papaya Extract, Orange Extract and Sugar Cane Extract to effectively remove excess sebum
• Papaya extract purifies skin and Witch Hazel extract reduces redness and inflammation

REVIEW - A balancing and purifying facial cleansing gel that effectively removes excess oil, makeup and impurities for fresh luminous skin.  I really love this cleanser! It gives a thorough cleanse without leaving the skin feeling tight! 

step 2. Mist 

• Helps balance skin's pH
• Gently refreshes, tones and tightens the skin by removing all the traces of impurities
• Prepares skin for maximum absorption of the moisturiser
• Excellent for use in air-conditioned room or while in-flight to combat dryness

REVIEW - Obsessed!! This is hands down one of my fav rose face mists. The scent of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Rose Water instantly wakes me up in the morning.  It's soothing, hydrating and protecting! Great for anyone with inflamed, dehydrated  or dry skin

Step 3. Hydrate 

• Hyaluronic Acid increases moisture levels to plump up the skin.
• Bisabolol calms, soothes and reduces redness
• Essential fatty acids from Moroccan Argan Oil and Acai Fruit Oil help provide long lasting hydration promoting natural radiance.

REVIEW - Intensely moisturises my skin and gives it a natural plump. Definitely a go to products i cant live without!  

Step 4. Complexion 

• Suitable for all skin types.
• Infused with Vitamin C & Organic Rosehip Oil
• Ultra-efficient makeup base with colour correction, hydration and protection.
• Treats skin imperfections with Vitamin C & Rosehip Oil.
• Approximately SPF 11 (not certified).
• Colour balancing for an even tone, smoothing skin for a radiant finish.

REVIEW - The best organic BB cream I am yet to come across, for ALL skin types. It absorbs effortlessly into the skin (best applied with fingers)  and disguises imperfections in seconds. LOVE! 

Step 5. Colour 


• Provides a beautiful golden sun-kissed glow to your skin all year round
• Non-comodogenic, pure minerals - no fillers
• Perfect for contouring facial features eg; top of the forehead, cheekbones,
nose, chin and down along your jawline
• Infused with Vitamin C and Certifeid Organic Rosehip Oil for additional anti-ageing benefits

REVIEW - A gorgeous golden bronzer that just melts and blends into the skin. It is quite a golden shade so I recommended it for more warmer skin tones. 




Have you tried La Mav?