Today I am debunking a very taboo subject, that frankly I believe should be spoken about more. News flash - everybody poo's and with chronic illness and disease on the rise, isn't it important to bring light to the these never spoken about topics?! 

I was lucky enough to be invited to the new Vitalita Detox and Wellness Clinic to experience 3 x colonic and sauna sessions. Whilst I am not new to colonics, I was new to the "open system" method that was used and in the below post I will be going into detail (sorry, not sorry) on the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy. I will also cover .the difference between the open and closed method and some other interesting info! 


What is colonic hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years, its still as popular as ever in clinics across the globe today. A safe and natural treatment that if proven to deliver a range of health benefits! A colonic is an internal cleanse that shifts and flushes out toxic waste, excess gas and mucus.  It can be performed on all ages and you don't have to be suffering for any gut/bowel issues to benefit! 

Colonics for glowing skin? 

When we detox, the first place we usually see it is our skin right? So it makes sense that a backed up colon is quite toxic for the body. When our intestines aren't happy,  it can show on our skin. So detoxing from within and removing all of the crap (literally) you are bound to see a positive change in your skin, i know i do! 

Benefits of a Colonic? 

1. Improves Digestion

Colon Hydrotherapy can help to ease a large range of digestive complains including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhoea, gas and bloating. Colonics can help improve these conditions by increasing hydration and nutrient absorption and removing the bad bacteria that flourishes as a result of impacted waste in the colon.

2. Increases Energy

Cleansing the colon prevents toxins from being reabsorbed into the blood stream. This alleviates the feeling of fatigue or sluggishness.

3. Improves Muscle Tone of the Colon

When the colon is heavily impacted with waste the natural peristalsis is limited. Over a long period of time this causes our colon to become ‘lazy’. Colon Hydrotherapy retrains the colon to function optimally, promoting strength and tone.

4. Restores Hydration

The primary functions of the colon are to eliminate waste and absorb water. During your colonic treatment water is gently infused into the colon where it can be absorbed and utilized efficiently.

5. Improves Immunity

Around 80% of our immune system resides within the gut. When the colon is cleansed we are creating a better environment for our good bacteria to flourish and build a strong immune system.

6. Assists in Weight Loss

Lots of people find that once they get their digestion, absorption and elimination functions in order then weight loss becomes easy. Many of us have 5kg or more of waste impacted in our colons, Colon Hydrotherapy can help to clear that waste plus any bloating that may contribute to concerns.

7. Improves complexion and acne

When the colon isn’t functioning properly, toxins need to leave the body through alternate means, the skin. Once the colon is cleansed the skin (and other elimination organs) is no longer burdened with excess toxins, reducing the likelihood of breakouts and rashes. Cleansing the colon also allows our good bacteria to flourish which can help to ease symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

8. Decrease Stress and Anxiety

There is a very profound connection between the gut and the brain, in fact the gut of often referred to as the second brain! Restoring balance to the bacteria in our gut through colonics can help to boost your mood and create a sense of emotional wellbeing.

8. Improve Cognitive Function

Colon Hydrotherapy can help to improve general brain function. If our colon is not functioning properly, often our brain isn’t either which can result in feelings of brain fog and poor concentration. Colon Hydrotherapy can also help to improve absorption of nutrients that are crucial to brain function.

How does a colonic work? 

There are two different kinds of colonics. I have personally experienced both and I will explain which i prefer. 

OPEN SYSTEM - (what I experienced at Vitalita) 

Open system is a private self- administered colonic. So you have full control over the treatment. Don't worry you are fully briefed before hand by the lovely hydrotherapist and its easier than you may think! Nadia the Hydrotherapist was available if I needed her by pressing the buzzer. 

CLOSED SYSTEM - (what i was previously used to) 

The closed system is a little different. You lay on a bed on your left side and the practitioner  insert the speculum in for you. Once the speculum is in and the large tube is attached, you turn over onto your back. The practitioner sits with you during the treatment, to massage your tummy if needed. They are in control of the water going in and then releasing the water by turning the tap.  This is the method i have used for years and what i was used to before trying the open system.


After experiencing the open system, I'll admit, I much preferred it. After all, pooping in privacy is much more natural don't ya think? Whilst i don't discredit the closed method, I did feel better and much more empty after my visit to Vitalita. Colonics are all about letting go, so the easier it is to relax,  the more water you allow in to flush away toxins.  

How long does it take? 

The treatment takes around 40-45 minutes. Once I finished my  treatment I was  offered some electrolytes and probiotics. I also highly recommend booking a sauna after to amp up the detoxifying! 

How do i book? 

If you feel open to giving colonics a try i HIGHLY recommend seeing the team at Vitalita. They are so professional and make the whole experience so relaxed. Mention my name to receive $10 off your first treatment!