5 easy steps to switch to green beauty


If you’ve been thinking about or have just started swapping your personal care to cleaner options, firstly, well done. It can feel overwhelming and somewhat impossible to swap your entire collection at once but the truth is, you don’t have to! I tell clients and readers that a gradual renovation of your beauty cabinet is more realistic, and let’s face it - kinder to the bank balance.


So where to begin?


I always suggest starting with the products you use on the largest surface areas of the skin. These are our most absorbent parts of the body and the items used in these areas are designed to penetrate deep into the skin. My top five to prioritise as the first you swap are:

  • Body lotion

  • Perfume

  • Toothpaste

  • Deodorant

  • Lipstick

  • Face serums

2. Create a checklist  

Again, I believe in swapping as you run out of a certain product rather than creating waste. Creating a list of the items you currently use and swapping for a cleaner replacement means you can shop mindfully and with intention. Rather than buying doubles or something ad-hoc you can focus on what is truly needed, and I find it is a far more practical and stress free way to transition. Who knows? You might even discover that some of your mainstream products aren’t needed as you switch to natural alternatives, and who doesn’t love crossing something off a list!


3. Don’t be fooled

Labels may lie, but ingredient lists don’t. A label with words like pure, natural or vegan doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is free of chemicals. This is something you may have heard of - greenwashing. Avoid this by getting familiar with the main toxins you want to avoid and always read the ingredient list. There’s some great resources online to help you start researching ingredients like The Dirty Dozen and the EWG. List what they should look out for generally speaking

4.     Shop ethically

To take the hard work out of it I would advise exploring more natural, ethical beauty stores. Luckily, there are more opening all the time. I personally love conscious.kin and the clean beauty market but there are plenty more around the country for readers not based in Queensland and options online! Knowing your in safe hands by shopping somewhere that only stocks eco friendly brands will take the hard work out for you. They’ve already curated the best of the best!

5. Have fun

Cut yourself some slack and have fun with it!  Remember the only thing worse for your skin than chemicals is stress.

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