Individual Beauty styling 

Do you feel lost when it comes to choosing beauty items?

Do you want to make the transition to natural beauty but have no idea where to start?

 Do you have specific concerns that you need some guidance around?

 Do you lack time to do your own research on the best products for your own unique skin-type?

Monique knows that time is a cherished luxury, that most women don't have bundles off. So after receiving many enquires for advice and guidance, she decided to put together her own beauty styling service. Where she helps customise your beauty bag with un-biased opinions and expert advice.

Monique's 9 years of beauty experience, passion for helping others and genuine love for natural beauty, she will ensure you walk away with all the tools you need to get started on your natural beauty journey! 


Beauty bag overhaul 

A 1.5 hour consult customised to suit you.

What we will cover - 

  • How to transition to ethical beauty.

  • What looks you want to create.

  • How much time can you spare.

  • What products do you currently have.

  • Enhancing your favourite features?

  • What do you specifically want to learn?

Monique will take the time to learn about your desired beauty wants, and needs. You will learn great tips and tricks, how to utilise the products you already have, and what products will enhance your makeup kit.

$190 - Skype and in person available 

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Express consult

A 30 minute over the phone consult

What we will cover

  • Current skin concerns

  • What products you are currently using

  • Advice on what skin and makeup products will suit your skins needs

  • Where to find low toxic beauty items

  • Our regime tailored to your needs

Want to make the switch to more low toxic skin care but have no idea where to start? This option is great for those who don’t have the time to book a longer session.

$50 - Via phone or email.


Makeup application 

Do you have a special occasion that you want you want to feel extra special for? Let Mon make you feel like your most gorgeous self! 

  • Makeup look to suit your own individual features

  • Complimentary vegan lash application

  • Take home sample of the lipstick used for top ups

$120 - In person only